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Cocoon Massage
"A divine massage"
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As in a nest, with hands around you listening to your needs, you will be able to feel a new energy and a found plenitude.
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A precious mixture between Western and Eastern techniques, it aims to renew contact with ones body and heart, through special care, that we need in order to feel well.

A very enveloping and cordial massage, to give you back a capacity which is sometimes sought for in cigarettes or other "comforting attitudes". At the same time it makes it possible to relaxe the body and to release the psychological tensions due to the difficulty of life.

To find unity and energy in a moment of lassitude.

The hands weave around you an energetic cocoon in order to gather back "the pieces" and to find back your unity in a feeling of protection and plenitude.

To give pleasure and to give softness.

In other moments, the hands go deeper to support you and rock you in order to enable you to surrender in the softness and in the sensuality of this moment.

The hands pause on the ''cold'' points, so as to listen to the sensitivity that exists there. They wake up your interior tensions and give them back the heat which will comfort you.

Duration of the Cocoon massage: 1h45
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